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Welcome to the German Red List Centre’s Press Section!

Here you will find new press releases and background information as well as dates of events organized by the German Red List Centre (only available in German). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning to write an article about Red Lists or the German Red List Centre.

Im Gespräch: Kernbeißer-Weibchen  und Kernbeißer-Männchen (rechts). Foto: Heinz Buls.

Having a chat: two Hawkfinches (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)

Photo: Heinz Buls

While some of our web information is only available in German, our staff will be happy to provide information about the German Red List Centre in English, French, and Spanish upon request. Please therefore get in touch with us.

Please note: for information on individual species of animals, plants and fungi, please check out our species search engine (‘Artensuchmaschine‘). This tool offers data from the German national Red Lists of animals, plants and fungi, such as the Red List category, status of population, population trends and additional information.