Scientific name
Ovis orientalis Gmelin, 1774
Synonyms or name indicated in the previous Red List
syn. Ovis aries Linné, 1758
German name
Group of organisms
Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Responsibility of Germany
Not assessed
Previous Red List Category
Not Threatened
Change of category compared to previous Red List
The change of category is not assessable, for example because the previous Red List does not list the taxon or the taxon has not been assessed in the previous Red List.

Meinig, H.; Boye, P.; Dähne, M.; Hutterer, R. & Lang, J. (2020): Rote Liste und Gesamtartenliste der Säugetiere (Mammalia) Deutschlands. – Naturschutz und Biologische Vielfalt 170 (2): 73 S.