Scientific name
Otis tarda Linnaeus, 1758
German name
Group of organisms
Red List Category
Threatened with Extinction
Current population status
extremely rare
Long-term population trend
decline of unknown extent
Short-term population trend
strong decrease
Special cases
Negative risk factor(s) is/are known
Risk factors
Fragmentation/isolation of remaining sub-populations
Dependent on unstable conservation measures
Recolonisation after loss of habitats is significantly impeded
Previous Red List Category
Threatened with Extinction
Change of category compared to previous Red List
Red List Category unchanged

Grüneberg, C.; Bauer, H.-G.; Haupt, H.; Hüppop, O.; Ryslavy, T. & Südbeck, P. (2016): Rote Liste der Brutvögel Deutschlands. 5. Fassung, 30. November 2015. – Berichte zum Vogelschutz 52: 19–67.